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and another bombshell. san bruno's fire chief admits his crews thought that they were indeed responding to a plane crash because as len ramirez explains his department even know the pipeline existed. >> reporter: before the explosion most people were simply unaware of transmission lines in their neighborhoods. we found out today that also included san bruno's top safety officials. >> reporter: the fire chief sent his crews to the scene of last seen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. he weighs about 130 pounds. police still have not found john scott and anyone with information is asked to please call the police. >> ann notarangelo in albany. thanks. >> two officers are there right now. >> i'm scared. >> yeah, i know you're scared. frantic phone calls from a school bathroom. the san bruno disaster. in a shocker to ntsb investigators the chief admitted he did not even know such a pipeline existed. >> we did not know there was a transmission line through the city until after the incident. >> reporter: when pressed the on issue he also admitted he never consulted pipeline resources to find out. >> we don't have maps of the pipeline system at any agency on the peninsula. whether it was a transmission why the student was so terrified that she bypassed the principal and called police. >> it would be brown before it would turn clear. living in the bay area you would expect good tap water. why are these people and their pets getting sick? what we found when we had it tested. health food. well, here is your chance to bite back and the only thing more stunning than the menu is where this restaurant is located.
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line or not, was there a need to know. and so we kind of determined there was the need to know. we didn't do that. >> reporter: outside the hearing room he downplayed the impact of not having that information up front even though crews thought they were dealing with a plane crash. >> it would have been nice to have knowledge of the pipeline. ultimately though, the response would not have changed. it would have been the same an early warning system for your health and this man is the first in the bay area to try it. >> with this new system you don't have to panic. >> how it works. why doctors say it could mean the difference between life and death. tonight at 11:00 p.m. on cbs5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, regardless whether we knew it was there or not there. that's what we do. we respond to the emergency. >> reporter: but san bruno's mayor said knowledge is key. >> if we had the knowledge that a 30-inch pipeline is going down the middle of the street and neighbors did too, what do you do with it? better communication with pg&e at that point in time so maybe you speculate that their
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communications could have gotten closer. >> reporter: pg&e shared in the blame for lack of awareness. they sent out a survey. they got back less than 20 responses and its safety manager said pipeline information is typically packed in with bills. one ntsb panelist said it often gets mistaken for junk mail. >> what we need to do is tell people if they live within 2000 feet of a transmission line. >> reporter: later pg&e was also criticized for the way it tests all their gas pipelines like the one in san bruno. >> artificially raising the pressure in a pipe that has identified integrity seam issues seems to be a wrongheaded approach to safety. >> reporter: obviously because of the pipeline explosion pipeline safety is top of mind. congresswoman jackie spear has legislation that would require people all over the country now living within 2000 feet of a
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gas transmission line to be notified of the pipeline's existence and she doesn't just want it packed into a bill she wants it in bold letters on the front of the envelope. >> all right. len ramirez, thank you. illegal drugs, loan sharking and extortion. some of the crimes the feds are hoping to crack down on by raiding two bay area car clubs. customers in emeryville saw the a student makes a frantic 911 call while hiding in her school bathroom. this after she says her teacher's behavior frightened her and her classmates. mark sayre has the 911 call and what the girl says the teacher did. mark. >> reporter: dana, that 911 call came in here to the police whole operation dubbed kung fu panda go on. >> reporter: the club is now barricaded. there are still law enforcement officers inside. this is a huge operation. state, local, federal officers shutting down this casino. also one in san bruno. as you mentioned there were people gambling inside when the raid went down. here is one of them described it. >> we were in there playing department and tonight we are hearing in that student's own words what allegedly happened inside her classroom. >> 911 emergency. >> reporter: the 911 call came in at 2:28 p.m. in the afternoon as a scared eighth grade student ran to tell police about her math teacher's bizarre behavior. >> he is screaming at us. he is going crazy.
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cards after 6:00 p.m. about 50 agents walked in. got two per table. asked us to put our hands on the table. they had a search warrant for the place. then table per table they start searching people. then after that finished they took us one by one into rooms and ran our i. ds and let us go. >> reporter: for most of the morning agents went in and out of the casino. >> reporter: the student said the teacher had also used swear words when yelling. she also said she was afraid the teacher would find out what she was doing. >> but i'm afraid he is going to send somebody to come looking for me. >> reporter: then this exchange. >> are you crying? >> yes, i am. >> don't worry about it. okay. everything is going to be fine. we are there to help you. two officers are there right fbi, irs, emeryville pd, oakland pd. same scene at the artichoke joe's casino in san bruno where you can add the san bruno pd into the mix. the state department of justice says the operation was called kung fu panda. agents on the scene did not want to say what was going on. >> this is a casino so the assumption is there is some illegal gambling going on here. is that right? >> unfortunately i can't go now. >> i'm scared. >> reporter: the first responding officer arrived within minutes and found nothing out of the ordinary. >> he didn't find exactly what you thought he was going to find in the classroom. what he found was calm students. a calm teacher sitting on the desk. >> reporter: but now the district has put the teacher on paid administrative leave while this incident is investigated. >> and i think when you have a situation where a student makes an allegation that they feel
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into details of the investigation. >> everybody came out with hands on their guns and just looking around and we were like, whoa. and then there were probably 70 to 80 agents in there. so it was quite scary. >> reporter: the agents apparently tried to calm the people who were gambling when the raid went down. >> it is okay. it is about the casino. we are searching the casino but not you guys. but i was surprised that they threatened, then we feel a strong obligation to investigate what are the actual facts of that case. >> reporter: at the school today volunteer diana estrada says no teacher should ever move furniture or yell in classroom. >> i don't think so. that's aggression. and i don't think that's necessary for a teacher to be doing that because that's not the way. >> reporter: but this parent feels this whole incident may be a bit overblown. >> i think that kids sometimes searched us, you know. they said the fbi requested for everyone to be id'ed. calls to casinos in other cities we found them all open. so the casino obviously closed. no idea exactly when it will be reopened again but people have been coming by all day just trying to figure out what's going on. and you might say it is kind of get scared of the teachers, you know. >> do you think they should call 911 or go to the office? >> first thing i think is go to the office. >> reporter: the school district tells us that the teacher has been with the district and same school for a decade. as part of the investigation district officials are actually interviewing not only the teacher in question, dana, but also the estimated 20 students who were in the classroom at the time to try to get the facts on what really happened and why this student was so scared that she called 911.
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a tradition gambling according to the website has been going on here since 1895. >> wow. not today. >> reporter: not today. >> simon perez, thank you. well, schools in one east bay district locked down today because of a student who was missing. happened in the albany unified school district. ann notarangelo to explain the unusual response today. >> reporter: well, albany police say they are looking for 16-year-old john scott. >> so a teacher with the district for a decade, if there were problems prior to this, there should be some accounting of that. anything like that? >> reporter: the superintendent in our interview today actually called this teacher and excellent teacher but due to the fact this is a personnel issue obviously they won't go into any details on what may be in this particular teacher's past. no hint of that today though. >> okay. mark sayre. thank you. two women are accused in an they say he believe he has access to a gun and also ammunition and we have seen reports he went here to mcgregor high school. an energized scene as class got out in part because of a two- hour lockdown in the albany school district. the school superintendent is quoted as saying police advised them to take the precautionary measure. john scott was reported missing embezzlement scandal at an elementary school in san jose. detectives identified two women responsible for spending $50,000 in p.t.o. funds. the money was apparently used to buy gifts, clothes and vacation trips. dozens of people are without a place tonight after fire tore through their building. flames erupted just after noon.
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from his home about 1:15 a.m. this morning. he may be upset some recent problems. a handgun and ammunition were taken from the home. in a news release the superintendent says there was an unsubstantiated report that scott was seen in the city of albany. >> we were in lockdown after band. we weren't allowed to go through the normal exits to get into classes so we went through the emergency exit. >> a police car over there. so they said no one can come in the fire started apparently in a light well then spread from there. fortunately nobody hurt. the red cross helping those burned out of their homes. rain overnight caused some of those usual problems in some of the usual places. this is highway 101. lucky drive in marin county. you can see the water. i know, dana, it always floods there, doesn't it? > up. >> and the cars have to plow through the ponds. no accidents reported in the or out. but everything was calm. it was just like a precautionary measure. >> reporter: john scott was area because of the flooding. it wasn't the only place. >> they fixed that. they spent thousands to fix that. >> rain, wind. >> some people want me to fix this forecast because there were a few people really angry because they did not get the rain and other people are saying what are you talking about. we have got 2 inches of rain. we will walk you through it. right now take a look at our live cbs5 weather camera. a small craft advisory in
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place. 56 and richmond and 64 degrees at moffet hill. activity swimming into san rafael. let's show you where all this is coming from. we had this huge beautiful area of low pressure right there. now watch it one more time. this is very interesting. banks up against the west coast then notice that, it took like this curve up in a northerly direction. and that's why it bypasses southern portion of our district. only a trace of rain in san jose but there you have san rafael where you saw that flooding at lucky drive. nearly 2 full inches of rain in 24 hours. that's a lot of rain in a short amount of time. i thought it would be interesting to see where we are as far as our precipitation and normal stats are concerned. 28 inches of rain in the bucket since july 1st when our rainy season began. 83% in san jose. two tenths off the mark of last year at this time. we are doing okay. tomorrow mostly cloudy.
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a scattered shower possible. temperatures into the 40s and 50s overnight with with daytime highs into the 50s and few low 60s. extended forecast does call for, okay, a scattered shower tomorrow. otherwise dry skies saturday. rain arrives. we will keep you posted on that. everybody is wet on sunday then cloudy skies on monday. little bit clearer on tuesday. >> thank you, roberta. a new super food out there but if fried food is more your thing get ready for the bay area's hottest and quickly becoming world famous restaurant. think fried anything. that's in 2 minutes. california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants.
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all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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those restaurants that we tell you about the p.r. stunts all the time.
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some dishes of massive proportions. one new bay area spot has made that type of food its special alt. what's more surprising is where the restaurant set up shop. >> reporter: a new restaurant cooking up what some might consider forbidden food. >> fried cheese pizza. >> yes, sir. only here. >> reporter: the chef at sumo grub won't leave your cholesterol level lacking. not inform artery clogging matter in your macac & cheese. >> reporter: they sent a guy with a heart condition to tell you about. >> it is appealing. you know you shouldn't have it but you want it. >> reporter: sumo grub opened in october and it has been cooking ever since. >> i will have that. >> reporter: the food channel just finished shooting a show
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here spotlighting among other things the $45, six feet under challenge. which fries just about everything in the restaurant. >> i have taken every fast food to another level. to a more tastier level. to an asian concoction level. >> reporter: he has been in the business all his life and hopes he hit on a winner here. everything is fried in soya bean oil. not as heavy as you would expect. and gluten free products on the menu as well. it is the fried food getting all the attention. it is not a meal you would want to make a habit of eating. >> how many calories do you think that is? >> if you're going to come from fried dessert you don't think about the calories that go into it. >> reporter: good point. don't ask for a diet soda to drink it down and if they did they would fry it.
6:14 pm
mike sugarman, cbs5. some call this food the most healthy thing you can eat. dr. kim mulvihill with the story. >> reporter: what we are talking about is quinoa. light and fluffy seeds when cooked. ancient south america. it is getting popular now thanks to its high nutritional content. >> reporter: move over blueberries, spinach and salmon. >> a lot of people do not know about it quinoa. they pronounce it wrong. >> reporter: they have known about it for years but now it is going main stream and becoming a popular item in chain grocery stores. >> people are catching on. >> reporter: it is a unique complete carb. >> it is a super food. >> reporter: it has the same kind of super charged protein found in meat and eggs but in a
6:15 pm
healthier form. >> i think this is great if it has all the proteins in it. >> reporter: loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber which is especially good for dieters to keep you fuller longer. >> you will love how quickly it cooks. versatile. easy. and it is a staple that your whole family will enjoy. >> reporter: it tastes sort of like a nutty bland rice that takes on the flavor of whatever you mix it with. but one thing. the calories. a quarter cup uncooked contains 270-calories. it is get to add it to the mix. >> better than what mike is eating. >> i think so. hello, mike. >> a quarter cup. >> it is about three times that much when you eat it cooked. >> okay. >> it is a hearty serving. >> a little nutty. quinoa. >> thank you, kim. if there is something people love as much as a hot
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new item on the menu, it is a hot new thing from apple. what the relaunch ipad has to offer. we will try to put a dollar figure on it. goodwill wants to set up shop but they are not exactly receiving a gift basket. the bay area community feeling less than charitable to its potentially new neighbor. this local tap water smells like bleach. >> we don't drink it. i don't cook with it. >> so cbs5 put it to the test then tracked down the landlord. coming up next. >> don't touch the camera. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but in one neighborhood, families we often hear how good the tap water is in the bay area but in one neighborhood families are blaming the water for, their problems. >> we started noticing the sediment, discolored water. >> reporter: it should be cool and refreshing but instead -- >> it would smell like mildew. >> reporter: she is talking about the tap water. >> sometimes the water will smell like sulfur. >> reporter: and what these neighbors describe as a foul
6:20 pm
funk. >> it would be brown before it would turn clear. >> reporter: is flowing to each of the six homes here on harvey avenue in hayward. >> more grit and sand. >> reporter: pat noticed the problem shortly after moving in. >> one might have dogs got really sick. >> reporter: then it was the appliances. >> what have you had to replace? >> three washing machines. the showerheads. >> reporter: the exact same problem was playing out right next door. >> we are on our third washer. >> reporter: showerheads -- >> they are also failing. breaking at the neck. >> reporter: for her it was a final bath she ran for her 2- year-old twins. >> it was yellow. it had a very overwhelming smell of chlorox. >> that is potent. >> she says her has been getting sick a lot too so she complained to the landlord but that went nowhere. >> all he would say is the water is good. it is good to drink. it is good to bathe in. >> reporter: so the desperate
6:21 pm
mom turned to the city of hayward but -- >> they told me they couldn't do anything for me. >> reporter: and there is a reason why. the tap water in these homes isn't coming from the city, it's coming from right behind pat rose's house. >> when i went back there and saw what i saw, i just couldn't believe it. >> reporter: but there it was. inside a shack. a well. and on this makeshift shelf in the shack a row of empty bleach bottles. >> they put like a cup or so every month or something. >> reporter: chlorox poured straight into the well. >> anybody that moves into a residential area think they are getting city water. >> reporter: four other families also complained about smelly water but none would come on camera fearing retaliation. >> there will be retaliation. >> you think so? >> i know so.
6:22 pm
>> reporter: it turns out that their reputation has a reputation for doing just that. here at the alameda courthouse we found more than 200 lawsuits with the landlord richard thomas' name on them and tenants suing him for everything for trashy living conditions and for not returning the security deposit and thomas has done a good job of filling these rows counter suing for almost everything under the sun. >> reporter: since these renters were getting nowhere they asked cbs5 to help. using a sterilized kit we took samples from tap water in both homes. the water in katrina came back positive for bacteria. >> fortunately you brought it to our attention. >> it is contaminated. >> reporter: as for those bottles of bleach, what's the
6:23 pm
risks. > >> skin irritations. mucous membranes. eyes. >> reporter: saying it is up to the owner to make sure the well water is healthy and the county is supposed to police that. but he now admits it has been a low priority. >> there seems to be no involvement from the city. none from the state. and from what you're telling me there is no remediation by the county. >> right. >> reporter: so we paid a visit to the owner richard thomas. >> i'm robert lyles with cbs5 news. >> reporter: thomas refused to answer any of our calls so we came unannounced. >> i'm not taking this on t.v. >> no. >> i'm not going to do that but i will speak with you. >> okay. >> reporter: he claimed he had evidence the well was recently tested. >> i wanted to give you the full flavor of all of the documents. >> reporter: so he asked that we wait. so we waited. and waited. but when thomas returned he was empty handed. >> we started this conversation
6:24 pm
with you saying you had documentation you were going to give me. >> i understand that. >> now we come to you have no documentation. >> at this point i will ask you to leave. >> please don't touch the camera. >> we have to say goodbye. >> reporter: it is his renters who can't shut off the tainted water. >> people should be warned. people have children that move in here. >> i feel this man is poisoning my family. >> reporter: robert lyles, cbs5. public defenders say they have it on tape. police officers breaking the rules during two separate busts. phil matier shows us the video that has prompted accusations of police misconduct and perjury. >> reporter: the story centers around a pair of heroin busts at this south of market hotel. a known hot spot for drugs. in both instances what police put in their reports and what was caught on tape by the hotel surveillance camera tell two different stories. in the first case police claim they knocked on the door. got a woman to come out and give them permission to go in
6:25 pm
without a warrant. where they found 65 grams of heroin. a surveillance camera down the hall, however, shows the cops didn't talk to anyone before going in but instead used a master key to go in without a warrant and without permission. in the second case police claim they encountered a woman who lived in the apartment in the hallway and that they got her to give permission to go in. they found 16 grams of heroin in this case. the video, however, had the cops going up to the door with the woman then one of the cops comes back and blocks the camera. >> we are talking about violations of constitutional rights. and officers who lie about violating these rights. >> all the video as well as the reports. and we are looking into it. >> we are asking for a complete investigation. perjury is a crime. it is a felony. so is filing a false police
6:26 pm
report. and we believe that this is indicative of the conduct that is occurring and that there needs to be accountability. >> i did not know about it. we are just getting the information and we are going to work with it. >> it calls into question what are they doing out there? >> i can clearly say that most of the police officers in san francisco do a professional job all the time. we are going to look into this case and see what happened in this particular case. >> the district attorney saying he is also going to launch an investigation but there are questions about those investigations and it is going to be tricky. one, george gascon is the district attorney and was the police chief when this happened. normally in a case like that you boot it up to the attorney general and have them take a look at it. but in this case the attorney general is carmela harris who was the district attorney when these busts went down. is it going to be a big scandal? remains to be seen. but those officers on camera,
6:27 pm
one of them that covered up the video is going to have a tough time testifying in future case when it regards search warrants. i don't know if it will raise to the level of the drug lab scandal which resulted in 700 cases being tossed but this one is not one that the new d.a., the new police chief or those guys down there want to see but it is on video. >> handle it with kid gloves. >> we will have more at 11:00 p.m. >> phil, thank you. two new arrests tonight in the murder of a man at a north beach jewelry store. apparently authorities have charged a homeless woman with homicide. she and a second person also faced burglary charges. the victim reportedly a man in his 70s who lived alone believed to be the store's owner. a police officer discovered the body tuesday while checking up on the victim's well being. i'm juliette goodrich live in berkeley where merchants in this upscale neighborhood are saying no way to goodwill.
6:28 pm
i'll explain coming up. and just what kind of power does this man have? how a simple walk across the stage can make a lot of people a lot of money. a soccer player is suspended. what he did on the field that has caused outrage. i'm dennis o'donnell. barry zito fires back on a report that he could be released. coming up. female announcer ] sd with your choice of side dish. all for only $12.99. and get our endless salad bar for just $2.99. sizzler. thinking fresh. everyday. and get our endless salad bar for just $2.99. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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against a major non-profit. some business owners aren"t feeling any "good will" toward a pote a battle brewing in berkeley tonight. some business owners aren't feeling any goodwill towards a potential new neighborhood. juliette goodrich joining us to explain. >> reporter: allen, that neighbor happens to be goodwill, the thrift store. a lot of merchants along this trendy street in berkeley where there are boutiques and coffee shops say a goodwill business is going to bring bad business. >> no matter what happens in berkeley somebody has a concern. >> reporter: and this time it is over a goodwill moving in.
6:31 pm
ed forkham owns the rose bud gallery on solano avenue. his take on the thrift store. >> there is no goodwill with good will in this neighborhood. >> reporter: he believes it will be a magnet for the homeless, excess trash and noisy delivery trucks. >> they came to look at a location and didn't like the frontage of it. >> reporter: allen cain is with the solano avenue association and says merchants need to recognize goodwill can actually be a good thing. >> there is a lot of turmoil out there. no one seems to have the right answers. whenever you mention goodwill's name there is this natural weird feeling about it and i think it is a matter of educating the people and businesses on solano avenue. >> reporter: many merchants already have a petition circulating to keep goodwill from moving into a vacant lot. formerly a video store.
6:32 pm
long time residents have other are ideas for the space. >> a zachery's or pete's. >> reporter: they are filled with vacancies today like the oaks theater. they welcome any kind of foot traffic. these boston tourists were under the impression berkeley was all about reuse. >> because test cheap and really affordable and we don't have a lot of money so it is great to buy. >> i like supporting recycling clothing. i think that's a good cause especially at this point this time. >> reporter: so as it stands there is a 5000 square foot building behind me that's vacant. goodwill has not signed a lease. if there are a number of complaints the city will have to review it to decide if goodwill can actually move in or not, allen. right now that business is up for grabs. some high end places there are two goodwill shops. >> to some folks it is cool to
6:33 pm
shop goodwill. >> absolutely. steve jobs was back on the job today for the unveiling of apple's new ipod. jobs walked on stage to a standing ovation. he looks thin but he was wearing his trademark black mock turtleneck and blue jeans. as for the ipad 2 it is thinner and has a faster processor and two cameras. investors were thrilled to see jobs back on stage after taking an indefinite leave of absence for health reasons. >> perhaps even more anticipated than the unveiling of the ipad 2 was seeing steve jobs walk onto the stage. investors reacted immediately sending apple shares higher by 1% as soon as he strolled onto the stage. jobs is unlike most other ceos in this country. his vision drives the company and investors want to see that
6:34 pm
jobs is still involved in the strategic decision making. propel apple shares by nearly two times over in just the past year. there is no word yet where and when jobs will return to work on a full time basis. up to 2 inches of rain throughout the bay area today. now more scattered showers in the offing. we will pinpoint those locations as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs5. (announcer) roundup extended control is no ordinary weed killer. because it does two jobs... at the same time. one: it kills the weeds you have - right down to the root. two: it forms a barrier, that prevents
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♪ how are you getting 100%? ♪ he was once a rising star on the football field. top of his game. but drugs took it all away. today ethen ramson's success is in helping others avoid his mistakes. kate kelly introduces you to this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: these students are trying to get become in the game. most dropping out of high school and were ready to give up but are now finding support through a unique program at the y in bayview hunter's point. >> come on, man. >> step your game up, man. >> reporter: that's former 49er ethan ramson. he heads the center.
6:38 pm
his mission, getting kids to reengage in school and to graduate using a team approach. >> we help them turn the light on because we care and let them know that we are not going to give up on them just like bill walsh didn't give up on me. >> reporter: ethan played for the 49ers from 1979 until he was traded in 1984. he helped win a super bowl. but a drug addiction led to his downfall and by 1990 he was heading to prison. >> my life was this vicious cycle where all i lived for was to get loaded. >> reporter: today ethen has been clean 11 years. he surrounds himself in his office with pictures of his former coach and teammates. the people he says didn't give up on him when he had given up on himself. there is a letter from former coach bill walsh to the district attorney on ethen's baffle and a poster of bubba paris who spoke to the judge at his prison sentencing. >> he spoke about a person i
6:39 pm
didn't know any more. and he told him that there is something in this man worth saving. he said just give this man another chance. >> reporter: he got that chance with a reduced sentence and after serving his time has now taken his hard earned lessons to help young people avoid the same mistakes. >> he is like a dad to me. >> reporter: shamara bailey dropped out of high school until she found ethen and the care program. >> he is keeping me in check. keeping me on too much my game. >> reporter: ethen and the program step assess each child, help them with their needs whether it is housing, mental health, job skills. a structure of support for the whole child so they can succeed in school. shamaria graduated and started college last week. >> he keeps you real. he tells the truth. reality. he basically don't tell stories, doesn't tell fairy tales just tells it like it is.
6:40 pm
>> i have been given a gift and the gift has been my experiences and my experiences were with people that stood by me and i give it back. >> reporter: so for turning his second chance into a commitment to change lives this weekend's jefferson award in the bay area goes to ethen ramson. kate kelly, cbs5. today's high temperatures across the bay area anywhere from 56 degrees in richmond, 69 degrees in solinas. in the bay area we still have random scattered showers. live. high-def doppler radar and precipitation is now moving onshore in the north bay. but besides that we had a cluster of activity move by us in the last 60 minutes. already high tailed it towards grass valley. if you look carefully you might be able to pick it up. as we veer on over to the sierra we have light snow
6:41 pm
falling on the light show. visibility a quarter mile due to blowing snow with gusty winds. if you were out and about bringing you back closer to home. we still have a scatter shower in the forecast. temperature wise into the 40s and low 50s and winds have been subsiding. now, meanwhile, events right there, causing big winds in the bay area. watch what it does as it banks up against the state of california. here it came with that big shield of rain overnight and then it began to divert. watch that. it cuts to the north. and what happened it left the southern portion of our district with rain. san rafael saw 2 inches. another area seeing 3 inches of rain. the mountainous area of the north bay. scattered showers thursday still possible and temperatures into the 50s and 60s. not too far off the mark from where we should be for the 3rd day of march. extended forecast calling for a dry day on friday and quite seasonal then we began to cloud
6:42 pm
back up on saturday leading to the potential of rain showers in the north bay by night fall. everybody will be wet on sunday. a chance of a lingering shower by monday. and then dry skies approaching wednesday with full on sunshine. send us your favorite pictures right here to cbs5. this was sent to us saying winter is still in full spring in yosemite. keep them coming to our website. >> i have gone backpacking in the winter. a very lonely place where that picture was right there. i surprised her, didn't i. washington. did the warriors win. is barry zito on the way out? his reaction to this report is next. ,, [ female announcer ] here are some great reasons to switch to at&t. [ spokesman ] we make it easy for you to compare at&t to cable.
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the giants are ti we have the first sign after crack in camelot. barry zito slamming a "chronicle" report that he may have to eat the rest of his contract and they may release him. the giants were caught off guard about the report. the manager met with zito and said it was the first he had
6:46 pm
heard of it. zito's work ethic and physical readiness had slipped it was reported. the manager said the story was not true. 57.5 million with a 7 million buyout in 2014 is his current contract. he was left off the world series roster. the case for another player who was injured for most of last season. so far this spring he has been the hottest giants player in camp. >> reporter: a champagne soaked lockerroom in texas. one giant in particular didn't feel like he contributed much. >> they certainly made me a lot more proud of them than them of me by far. >> reporter: mark was supposed to be one of the giant's key free agent pick ups last season but he was limited to a . 194 average in 26 games. he injured the wrist in 2009 before he came to the giants.
6:47 pm
it never healed propperingly. he still found a way to contribute during the world series run often helping the other giants hitters. some feel that they couldn't have won at all without him. >> i just felt like i owed it to the guys. i showed up last year and didn't do anything. i was pretty much hurt from day 1. so i mean of it frustrating and to have to shut it down i figured i owed that to him and at least give him that. >> reporter: he says his wrist is finally healthy. the question is, where does he fit into this giant's lineup? >> diverse. if i'm swinging the bat good and he is going to use my versatility maybe some 3rd, 2nd, whatever it takes to get out there. >> reporter: as he sees it, it is up to him to force the giants to keep riding his name in the lineup. >> i have to reclaim my spot.
6:48 pm
the only way to do that is to hit the baseball. i am very cognizant of the fact that i didn't do much to help us win a world series last year and wasn't out on that field and getting hit. and making plays. but i certainly have a lot of confidence in myself to get back out there. as hosting the indians in phoenix. oakland scoring twice in the 1st. dev kuznetsova. back from -- kevin kuznetsova. turns out the only opponent that can beat serena williams is injury. the former number 1 player of the world had a blood clot in her lung. she was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism last week and underwent treatment. she is back home now saying she opens she can be playing by early summer. that's the best she can do. she has not played in an
6:49 pm
official match since winning wimbledon last july after she cut her right foot on broken glass at a restaurant. just in warriors in washington. first round pick. first career start. he was drafted as a defensive player. he had six points and three rebounds. warriors by nine at the half. another second half collapse nearly but monta ellis hits the stepback jump shot. he had 21 points and warriors held on for dear life against a really lousy basketball team. that's their first win since the all-star break. the mascot for the club athletic juniors somehow got on the field. a defender for the opposing team kicked the bird off the field. at the time the bird was alive but died hours later at a vet. marina was fined $560, suspended two games by soccer officials saying the move could have started a riot because the
6:50 pm
owl is the unofficial team mascot. >> 560. that's it. two game suspension and says he has received threats. >> i bet he has. >> we are coming back at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. >> that was real outrageous. good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13.g breaths ]
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